Towards an ambitious Arenapark masterplan

We are expanding on an ambitious masterplan for the Arenapark business precinct in Hilversum – commissioned by the city municipality – as a future-proof, vital park where work, sport and relaxation reinforce each other. An initial version of the masterplan was drawn up in close consultation with local residents, entrepreneurs, users and property owners. This has recently been approved by the Mayor and Eldermen of Hilversum and on the advice of the city council, this version is now being developed further into a final masterplan.

The office park was established in the early 1990’s, covers around 30 hectares and houses more than 50 companies as well as various schools and sports facilities. Every day thousands of people travel here to work, learn and exercise, yet the area remains unfinished. There are several unoccupied plots and  large parts of the public realm have not been completed or are temporary in nature. The masterplan is intended to address these issues and shape the area’s development towards 2035.

The plan focuses on ensuring room for employment growth, extra floor space for offices and other functions (possibly including housing). The potential relocation of the railway station, improved accessibility, new sports facilities and a strengthened natural character are also important components of the masterplan, the final version of which is expected to be discussed by the city council in December 2019.

For this assignment we are working together with the engineering consultancy firm Sweco as well as the consultancy firms Goudappel Coffeng and Drijver en Partners.

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