Sustainability is about achieving a healthy balance between individual well-being, the environment and a thriving community without depleting the earth. Achieving this balance presents big challenges that spark political, social and spatial debate. How can we meet our current requirements while making sure we don’t impose limits on future generations’ needs and desires?

PosadMaxwan is dedicated to promoting climate adaptation, circularity, and a sustainable energy and mobility system. We work to protect communities from flooding and extreme heat, we strive to reduce the use of materials, and our office is actively working to lower its CO2 emissions. Thanks to our integrated way of working, we can view all these issues in a unified way and help to drive systemic change. 

“PosadMaxwan is dedicated to promoting climate adaptation, circularity, and a sustainable energy and mobility system.”

A nature-inclusive, healthy transformation

The monofunctional, inward-looking In de Bogaard shopping centre in Rijswijk is transforming into a mixed urban zone. PosadMaxwan created a development vision and master plan to turn it into an attractive place to live and work that follows principles of healthy urbanisation and nature-inclusive building.

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Water security in a changing climate

Water has always been an important subject in the Netherlands. It brings prosperity but at the same time poses a threat. PosadMaxwan spent years working in the Delta Atelier on plans for the Delta Programme, a national water management project that works at different levels of scale. There, we contributed to flood protection and climate adaptivity in the Netherlands.

A resilient urban system

On behalf of UN-Habitat, PosadMaxwan created a sustainable plan for the expansion of Yangon, Myanmar's largest city. Principles for a resilient, sustainable urban system (including water, facilities, densities, mobility, etc.) form the foundations of this strategic plan.

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From traffic-dominated space to sustainable zone

The Groene Singel visual quality plan is an ambitious, long-running initiative to turn the land around Antwerp’s ring road into usable, accessible space for local people. They will gain a destination for sport and play, community activities, healthy exercise and abundant urban nature.

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Rethinking the Flemish Metropolitan Dream


Spatial development and planning have been one-sided in Flanders, paying insufficient attention to energy, water and the food supply. We predicted the consequences years ago in a short animated film. Identifying spatial challenges and devising effective solutions at an early stage allows our agency to design for well-thought-out, sustainable cities.

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