Master plan for sustainable Arenapark in Hilversum

PosadMaxwan, the engineering consultancy Sweco, and the consulting firms Goudappel Coffeng, Buiting Advies and Drijver en Partners are creating a new master plan for the Arenapark in Hilversum. They are working closely with the municipality of Hilversum and the owners and users of the park. The goal is to develop it in the coming years into a sustainable, high-quality area where sport, leisure and work enhance each other.

The five parties won the tender as a team under the PosadMaxwan name. The municipality of Hilversum evaluated each bid on two aspects: the plan of approach and the sustainability vision. PosadMaxwan achieved excellent scores on both counts. Annette Wolthers, the alderwoman responsible for the project, expressed satisfaction with the results of the tender. “With PosadMaxwan, we’re going into the planning process with a strong team,” she said. “They understand that the municipality wants to take into account the wishes and positions of the owners and users of the area. It’s also important to us that they’re entering into consultations with the residents of the surrounding neighbourhoods at an early stage.”

Research and design work for the Arenapark is underway. We expect to present the master plan to the city council for approval in the second half of 2019. It will provide a basis for planning amendments and municipal investments.