MaaSkaart maps innovative mobility services

The opportunities and possibilities presented by shared mobility and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) are numerous. PosadMaxwan, APPM and The New Drive have therefore launched the MaaSkaart, an interactive map that provides an up-to-date overview of active MaaS platforms and shared mobility at the municipal level.

The map provides straightforward answers to questions about mobility. For example: which service providers are active in a municipality? Which forms of shared mobility are located close to public transport stops? And are they close to the network of charging points? The map also shows the relationship between air quality and the availability of shared mobility in a municipality.

An interactive data analysis tool developed on the basis of the MaaSkaart can provide insights related to specific situations at a detailed level. The tool is therefore an excellent resource in the areas of policymaking and monitoring and for providing input for new public transport and mobility service tenders.

This short video demonstration (in Dutch) will take you through our ongoing research of the relationship between Mobility as a Service and the spatial environment.

APPM | The New Drive