Development plan to guide rapid growth in Eindhoven city centre

Eindhoven is growing fast, in terms of population and housing stock but also in terms of the city’s ambitions. Therefore, at the request of local government, Therefore, at the request of local government, we – as urban planners – are drawing up a development plan for central Eindhoven with mobility advisors from Goudappel Coffeng, engineers from Tauw and process managers from APPM. The plan will help the city to manage growth in the centre while at the same time improving public health, accessibility and quality of life.

Integration of existing plans

Eindhoven’s population and housing stock are expected to increase by one-quarter between 2020 and 2050. The city has everything needed to rival other important urban regions in Europe and beyond in terms of economic competitiveness, vitality, and an attractive business climate. It therefore faces several key challenges. The new development plan will integrate existing studies and plans for the expansion of the inner city, the Emmasingel quadrant, and the Internationale Knoop XL district (planned by West 8, MVRDV, KCAP and the city of Eindhoven). The plan will add a new dimension through the formulation of an overarching vision and tactical densification strategies, providing guidance for the future with respect to issues such as climate change, public health and accessibility. 

A city centre for the future

With many challenges and choices ahead, it’s important that we create an assessment framework administrators can use to make decisions in dialogue with local residents and other stakeholders. A clear development plan will be organised on the basis of three central questions:

1. What kind of city centre do we want?

2. What kind of city centre is possible?

3. What kind of city centre will we have?

The team will first of all build a picture of the area’s identity, ambitions and resources and its underlying water, mobility and greenery systems. Through the use of stress tests, data and insights gained, we will provide an integrated view of the city centre Eindhoven is willing and able to have. Next, we’ll outline three possible future scenarios for the area. Finally, via a tactical decision model (expected completion in early 2020), the plan will answer the question of what kind of centre Eindhoven is going to create for itself. Using this framework will enable the city to develop a world-class centre that will be a sustainable, future-proof, attractive place to live, work and visit.