PosadMaxwan nominated for ARC22 Urban Design Award!

We had a great evening at the festive ceremony of the ARC22 Awards in Amare Den Haag and would like to congratulate all winners with their achievement! We were nominated for the urban design award with our design for the transformation of business park Nijmegen Winkelsteeg into a healthy, vital and future-proof working-living environment with a green area identity.

Laudatory words from the jury

The ARC Awards is De Architect's design award from chair to city. Independent juries highlight the very best work in the categories of architecture, urban design, interior, detail, innovation, young talent and oeuvre. According to the jury of the urban design award, consisting of Ivar Branderhorst, Deborah Lambert, Marieke Berkers and Patrick van der Klooster, Winkelsteeg is an example for fellow professionals. The plan provides direction for elaboration and at the same time offers room for the ideas of the architects and designers. From the jury report: "In fact, with the nomination of Winkelsteeg, the jury grants a small oeuvre award to the work of PosadMaxwan. In the Winkelsteeg project the office shows what it is good at: strategizing. In this valuable step between vision and execution, PosadMaxwan is the absolute market leader. In Winkelsteeg, the office cleverly intertwines the complexity of the industrial area with the tasks facing society. The housing crisis, energy transition and urban greening tasks find a place in the plan."

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The transformation of Winkelsteeg

The Development Strategy offers a framework for an 'organized organic' transformation of the Winkelsteeg business park. In the coming years, Winkelsteeg will change from a monofunctional business park to a healthy, vital and future-proof working-living environment with a green area identity. On the one hand, it will be a vital business park that will build on the existing activity and will benefit from its central location in the city. On the other hand, it offers a unique place to live with a varied housing supply and special qualities, such as the canal and the existing greenery. A wide range of (social) facilities serve as an intermediary for employees and residents of Winkelsteeg as well as the surrounding neighbourhoods. The existing greenery will be more visible, reinforced and connected and green veins will function as a connector and provide space for sports, games, encounters and experiences.

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Recognition strengthens ambition
The recognition strengthens our ambition to work on the social issues of today and the future. For example, together with Bureau Stedelijke Planning, we are currently investigating the potential of various locations within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) in order to develop them into urban environments with a balanced home-work balance. We are also working with Sweco Belgium and LOLA Landscape Architects on a design for a four-hectare green public space at the Slachthuissite in Antwerp, to be filled with green play, sports and meeting spaces.

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Thanks to a strong team

We thank SITE urban development, Fakton, Rebel, Ecorys, The Missing Link, Royal HaskoningDHV, Margreet Kokshoorn and Municipality of Nijmegen for the good cooperation! And we congratulate our team members Han Dijk, Yue Shen, Francesca Becchi, Laura Thomas, Gianluca Berardi, Aijing Sun, Eva Verberne, Martina Germanà, You Wu, Ganesh Babu with this great result!

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