North Sea Canal Area on the road to a future-proof 2050

For the North Sea Canal Area (Noordzeekanaalgebied or NZKG), the port and industrial area of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region and its adjacent cities and landscapes, we are working on a development perspective until 2050. We are doing this for and together with the national government and the region, as part of the NOVEX approach NZKG.

Tasks such as energy transition, circular economy, climate adaptation, port economy, landscape, healthy living environment and housing construction all need a place in this area. The development perspective helps to put the spatial puzzle together, both in time and in sequence. Because not everything can be done at the same time. That is why programming and phasing are also part of the assignment.

This search starts with the question what the mission of the North Sea Canal Area is, in other words: what do we want to achieve in the area? We recently talked about that with members of relevant bodies involved in the North Sea Canal area, including the Municipality of Amsterdam, Municipality of Zaanstad, Province of North Holland, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and Rijkswaterstaat.