From CO2 ambition to CO2 action: CO2 performance ladder initiatives

At PosadMaxwan, we're actively trying to reduce our CO2 emissions as an office. For this, we received a certificate in accordance with the CO2 performance ladder in 2021 for all our efforts. These efforts also include attending various workshops and events, including the workshop 'From CO2 ambition to CO2 action'. Shirley Voermans participated in this on our behalf and shares her experience.

"It was interesting and inspiring to hear from other companies and organisations how they turn ambition into action. However, the time was too short to really get very practical and useful tips out of it so hopefully this will be covered at a future workshop. Ruud Veltenaar in particular had a very catchy story that left a big impression on me. Not only because he can speak well, but also because he spoke to the person behind the position. What can YOU do to reduce your CO2 emissions? It is too easy to only look or point at big organisations. I even bought his book (see image below)."