#MOTM: Leiden Centraal

The new station area of Leiden Central will undergo a green metamorphosis. We drew up an area vision to make this high density environment attractive, pleasant and sustainable. In this plan, we introduce so-called pocket parks where residents can meet, play, exercise or do gardening and grow vegetables.

The options for parking in the station area will be limited. This ties in well with the pursuit of sustainable mobility and a car-free city center. The parking spaces that will be reserved for cars will all be indoor, underground and / or above ground. This, in turn, provides space for the residents to create façade gardens. There will also be green public spaces created on top of the roofscapes, where residents can relax. In addition, there will be green public spaces on the roof surfaces where residents can relax. They also serve as a solution to buffer rainwater and reduce the heat island effect.


The existing flora in the area is not suitable due to the changing climate. That is why we looked for species that already occur elsewhere in Europe and are more resilient to this. We have carefully selected these new species, so that they provide food for bees and butterflies, for example, ensuring that the desired species will actually migrate to the new biotopes.


Insects and birds are not just beneficial for biodiversity, but also add to the attractiveness of the area and how the nature is experienced. Moreover, we selected green species that blossom and are recognizable during every season, so they are attractive all year around.  

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