First design for public space Slachthuissite approved

The first design for the public space in the Slachthuissite in Antwerp has been approved. In February 2020, together with Sweco Belgium and LOLA Landscape Architects, we won the design competition for drawing up the master plan for this public space. Last summer, the neighborhood was involved in the design as an initiative of the city together with AG Vespa. Ahead of the preliminary design of the public space, another participation process was organized at the end of February 2021.

In this first design, the public space is a real "connector" that connects the new and existing parts of the neighborhood by, among other things, green play, sports and meeting spaces. There is also a lot of attention for pedestrians and cyclists and the influence of sun, shade, heat stress, wind, drought and noise has been taken into account as much as possible. The final design of the public space will be ready by the end of 2021. 

The various sub-spaces

In the design for the public space, each subspace has its own unique character.


This will be an intimate catering square with terraces under the trees. It functions as the heart of the neighborhood. There will also be a play fountain. The square will have a green border and can be flexibly subdivided for neighborhood events.

Old Kalverstraat


This street forms the main entrance to the area with a green appearance. A green verge separates bicycle and pedestrian paths from the roadway. . Parking facilities in the street are located under a double row of trees. A green median where possible makes crossing the street easier. 


Adventurous playing in the city nature is central here. The green space also offers opportunities for community gardens in which residents can garden ecologically together.

Front streets along Slachthuislaan


The planted trees along Slachthuislaan form a green sound buffer. The parking clusters will have a maximum green design thanks to trees and a green permeable floor. An extension of the Kalverpad ensures that the green look is continued.


A neighborhood park will be created at this spot in the form of a tree meadow, with space for sports and/or games, neighborhood events and playgrounds. The Kalverwei stimulates meeting in the green.

Streets Kalverweibuurt


These residential streets are characterized by wide sidewalks, trees and facade gardens, which provide a livable and green image. They are connected to the Kalverpad and the Kalverwei.


A public space with a green character for staying, playing and sports. In spring and autumn the flower bulbs are in full bloom, giving the meadow a cheerful appearance.


Water from the roofs of the slaughterhouses runs through this sunken water garden. It is full of special plants that can be walked on. The route forms a play area for young children with seating areas for parents.


In this future water landscape sports are central. There will be various possibilities for urban sports clusters in combination with pavilions for clubs and/or catering establishments on the quay. The rough materials and local plants along the Lobroekdok give the Kadepark its character.


All future images were made in collaboration with Sweco Belgium and LOLA Landscape Architects.