Financial impulse for transformation Nijmegen Winkelsteeg

The strategically located Winkelsteeg will be transformed from a monofunctional business park to a dynamic area with a mix of living and working. To give shape to this transformation, we drew up an ambition document and a development vision for Winkelsteeg together with SITE Urban Development, on behalf of the municipality of Nijmegen. The municipality then applied for a subsidy to be able to build homes in Winkelsteeg quicker. Last week, it was announced that the municipality will receive a subsidy of over 9 million from the Ministry of the Interior. We are pleased with this financial boost for the development of Nijmegen Winkelsteeg into a vibrant work-residential area.

Housing Deal and Environmental Vision

Last year, the municipality of Nijmegen concluded the Housing Deal with the government, the province and the regional municipalities. In addition, the city council adopted the Environmental Vision 2020-2040. These provide the framework for reducing the large housing shortage in Nijmegen in the coming years. The goal is to build 15,000 homes in the next 20 years within the boundaries of the current city. Winkelsteeg is a good place to realize these ambitions.

Development Vision and Ambition Document

Our Winkelsteeg Development Vision offers a framework for an "organized organic" transformation of Winkelsteeg into a mixed work-living area. Winkelsteeg will be developed from this new perspective together with various stakeholders from the area. The Ambition Document Kanaalzone-Zuid brings coherence to the developments of the residential areas around Winkelsteeg and serves as a framework for future planning.

Gradual transformation

Our ambition for Winkelsteeg is for it to change, over the course of twenty years, from an extensive business park to a future-proof urban work-living environment with a green identity. To achieve this, we are focusing on a gradual intensification of Winkelsteeg with a mix of work and residential functions in combination with (urban) facilities. In doing so, qualities are utilized in the field of landscape, cultural history and industry.


In order to transform Winkelsteeg, the municipality of Nijmegen has requested subsidy from the government of more than 9 million euros. With the contribution, the municipality of Nijmegen can get started faster, make more affordable homes and ensure a strengthened economic climate in Winkelsteeg. This by investing heavily in the attractiveness of the area.


The subsidy from the Ministry of the Interior gives the municipality of Nijmegen a great opportunity to further fulfill the ambitions from the Environmental Vision. This spring, the municipality will complete the Winkelsteeg Development Vision together with local residents, entrepreneurs, professionals and other stakeholders. This provides the basis for the evolvement of the plans for the further development of Winkelsteeg.