TU Delft Campus South

The urban plan and the urban design code that we drew up for the TU Delft Campus South have recently been officially approved by the Executive Board. These frameworks guide the growth of the university. They are also the starting point for the design of new buildings and public spaces.

The TU Delft has the ambition to develop a modern work and learning area. That is why the initiative has been taken to transform the 'Campus South' site, formerly known as Technopolis, into a high-quality business park. This is aimed at companies that want to establish themselves close to the educational, innovative environment of an internationally renowned Technical University. The urban plan supports this redevelopment, in line with the special character of the development and with the ambitions for the spatial quality of the public area and the new buildings.

Urban plan

The urban plan is an elaboration of the principles and ideas for the spatial design from the Spatial Development Framework drawn up in 2019. The plan offers space for academic functions, companies and institutions that collaborate with the TU Delft within a clear framework of green-blue public spaces. The high-quality and predominantly green exterior space forms the basis for the structure of Campus South and gives the campus its special character. In addition, the main structure of the plan is characterized by a continuation of the underlying polder structure and clearly defined clusters of plots with buildings and landmarks in the public space.


The TU Delft also wants to encourage users to use other means of transport than the car. At Campus South, this is done by focusing on improving the cycling infrastructure with connections to regional cycling routes. Offering multiple modalities; including public transport and placing entrances of buildings and parking garages next to slow traffic routes, contributes to this. At the same time, the TU Delft discourages frequent car use by taking a critical look at the parking needs of companies and the facilitation of them.

Urban design code

The urban design code document TU Delft Campus South has been drawn up in addition to the urban plan and serves as a guideline for the urban design of new buildings and new public space. The guidelines are intended as an inspiring framework with which designers and developers are stimulated to go for the highest achievable spatial quality. The interaction between a high-quality public space, the private outdoor spaces and the architecture of the buildings contributes to the experience of the area.