Looking back at the year 2020: masterplan and vision

2020, what a year it’s been! There was one uniting occurrence that has undeniably affected us all. Luckily, even this year, a lot of positive things have happened. Therefore, we would like to take this month to look back on projects that we have worked on and are very proud of. This way, we would like to end this year on a positive note and take that energy to 2021.

We aim to design beautiful and pleasant cities for everyone. We aspire to facilitate the transitions of the future in mobility, energy, biodiversity, climate adaptation, economy and social communities. We have selected three projects that showcase what we have worked on this year to achieve this. In 2021, we will continue to work on these projects.

Nijmegen Winkelsteeg

Last year, we worked together with SITE Urban Development on an ambition document and a development vision for the Winkelsteeg area on behalf of the municipality of Nijmegen. This strategically located area will be transformed from a monofunctional industrial area into a dynamic, multifunctional district with a mix of commercial and residential functions. A green main structure creates connections at different scale levels and provides an extra boost on sustainability and climate resilience. We are now waiting for a financial contribution from the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. In 2021, we hope to be able to further develop specific locations in the area, such as Goffert station area.

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The Hague Maanweg

In the coming years, the Maanweg at the Binckhorst (The Hague) will be transformed from an industrial area into a multifunctional district with a mix of residential and commercial functions and an attractive public space. We have developed a spatial vision in which the area of the Maanweg will have an attractive car-free residential quay with houses on the water and workspaces on the street. The Maanweg itself will be transformed into a green avenue with space for a possible HOV connection. In the last months, various ideas have been collected via an online participation platform. In 2021, the plans and ideas will be further developed into a coherent public space plan and image quality plan.

Development vision Eindhoven

In collaboration with APPM, Goudappel and Tauw, we developed a development vision together with the municipality of Eindhoven. The development vision serves as a guideline for the way in which densification within the center of Eindhoven is possible and offers an integral spatial translation of policy objectives for climate adaptation, health, mobility and densification. This way, Eindhoven can become a city of international allure and compete with major cities in terms of economic competitiveness, vitality and attractive business climate. We are currently developing a "Digital Twin" for the city of Eindhoven, in which we have created online dashboards that measure and monitor the ambitions formulated in the development vision. 

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