Looking back at the year 2020: urban landscape

2020, what a year it’s been! There was one uniting occurrence that has undeniably affected us all. Luckily, even this year, a lot of positive things have happened. Therefore, we would like to take this month to look back on projects that we have worked on and are very proud of. This way, we would like to end this year on a positive note and take that energy to 2021.

We have designed on the landscape in the city in a number of our projects. By designing on the public space, we create sustainable and healthy living environments for everyone. We have selected three projects that show what we have achieved last year. We will continue to work on these projects in 2021.

Slaughterhouse site, Antwerp

In February, together with Sweco Belgium and LOLA Landscape Architects, we won the design competition for the master plan for the public space of the "Slaughterhouse site" in Antwerp. The site is being redeveloped in response to the need for urban densification. Last year we worked on a design proposal for a distinctive public space with a large sports and games program and water buffering on the surface. In recent weeks, we gathered input from residents and stakeholders, so that we can work towards a final design in 2021.

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President Lincoln

President Lincoln is situated in the South of Hoofddorp and consists of two parts; Lincolnpark, a residential area, and De President, a commercial area. This year, we started with a design research to determine where and in what form interaction between the living and working area is spatially possible and what the implications are. The green and water structures play an essential role as they will connect the different parts of the area. This translates into an attractive and spacious public space with a strong ecological value. The masterplan for De President will be finished at the end of January, after which we will continue with the design of Lincolnpark and the central green zone.


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Last autumn, we were commissioned, together with Arcadis and Rebel Group, to make a development strategy for Sloterdijk station in Amsterdam. The ambition for Sloterdijk-Centrum is to transform it into a green multifunctional area with a mix of commercial and residential functions.The overbuild of the station can make an important contribution to realizing the ambition, because it adds extra program to the heart of Sloterdijk-Centrum. In this way, the range of commercial real estate, facilities and housing is increased and the urban character is enhanced. Hereby is a good connection between the different levels of the station essential for the quality and liveliness of the public space. In 2021 we will develop the first concepts into a spatial framework that is technically and financially feasible.


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