Opening of the Amstelveen line; line 25 is here!

Last Sunday afternoon, December 13, the renewed Amstelveen line (line 25) was festively opened and immediately put into service together with the new so-called 15G trams. The conversion of the Amstelveen line started in 2018 and included the renewal of the infrastructure, the realization of fifteen new stops, the construction of three grade-separated intersections and a stabling area in Amstelveen. We supervised the realization, in accordance with the previously drawn up image quality plan by us for the stops and the public space around these intersections.

The former express tram 51 is part of the public transport network of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA). The transformation to a tram connection was desperately needed, given that the trams were outdated and often overcrowded, often did not run enough services and were prone to disruptions. Road safety around the line was also not optimal. For these reasons, the line has been lowered and the three intersections are now grade-separated.

The image quality plan

The previously drawn up image quality plan has been tested through multiple participation meetings and enriched with the wishes of local residents and stakeholders. We examined whether the integration could contribute to the spatial quality for all the defining locations along the intersections. This way, not only the traffic structure of the city improved, but the public space along these intersections has also been given a quality boost.

In addition, the plan focused on creating a recognizable, coherent identity for the five different types of stops. The colors, the use of materials and the layout of the platforms formed the basis for the design and further realization of the stops. The new stops have copper-look walls, which have a sound-absorbing effect due to their shape and material. The walls are also equipped with ironing lighting. This gives the stops a warm atmosphere and offers waiting travelers the most pleasant experience possible. 

Plans for 2021

While the first travelers are already enthusiastic, the executive team is now continuing to complete the extensive project. For example, the underpasses at a number of stops will be refurbished in 2021. In addition, adjustments will be made at the roundabouts at the grade-separated intersections to improve road safety for cyclists.