MPvE Floriadewijk Almere

The Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA) is preparing for the mobility of the future. Therefore a Mobility Program of Requirements (MPvE) is currently being drawn up for several developments. Amongst them is also the Floriadewijk in Almere. The MRA wants to use this area to make further thinking about MPvEs more concrete. We are doing this together with Rebel and RHDHV. The learning experiences at the MPvE Floriade led to a "generic MPvE".

The purpose of an MPvE is to create a discussion document as input for area development with a supported mobility plan as a result. So even before the spatial choices are written down in an urban development plan. However, there has been little experience with this in Dutch practice. The learning experiences from the first pilot areas, including the Floriadewijk, and other current research and developments in the field of smart mobility therefore need to lead to further development of current knowledge.


The plan area concerns the Floriadewijk in Almere on the peninsula in the Weerwater. In 2022, the municipality of Almere is organizing the International Horticultural Expo Floriade, which will take place on the south bank. The goal is to also involve the city center located at the other side. Visitors of the world exhibition will therefore be encouraged to visit the center as well. Connections are thus essential. After the Floriade Expo 2022, the further development of the area from event location to green and healthy residential area will begin.


In the case of the Floriadewijk, the area development is already in an advanced stadium, as is the mobility concept. Previously taken decisions are therefore not questioned in our MPvE for the Floriade. We do offer suggestions for the next steps in the policy process and provide a number of references as inspiration for mobility concepts in the future.

Mobility concepts of the future

For the Floriade Expo 2022, a ferry and a water taxi over the Weerwater are already being considered to encourage visitors to visit the center of Almere. In our opinion, this can also stimulate to travel by public transport to the event. Furthermore, our given suggestions for innovation mobility that could be implemented in the long term include; offering scooters and / or shared bicycles at parkingHUB; community based electric partial transport on water; and a parcel wall and partial cargo (e-cargo bike) around the innovation pavilion.