PosadMaxwan, Arcadis and Berenschot win 5 framework contracts

Together with engineering and consultancy organization Arcadis and research and consultancy firm Berenschot, we have recently won all five framework contracts for policy consultancy and engineering services for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

The five contracts have the following themes: sustainable and green mobility and climate-resilient infrastructure; sustainable, healthy and safe living environment; soil and subsoil; water; hiring of temporary workers. Seven consortia have been selected for each contract. The Ministry estimates that the combined value of the contracts is approximately €37.5 million per year. The duration of the contracts is two years, with the possibility of extending it twice for one year.

In addition, several subcontractors are also part of the agreement: Yacht/BMC, Bax & Company, Generation.Energy, Significance, STC-Nestra, Copper8 and Metabolic.

Froukje van de Klundert from PosadMaxwan: 'One thing is certain: the transitions we go through have a major impact on the environment around us. The ministry is therefore increasingly working from the environmental approach as set out in the NOVI. This requires integral solutions, which we as designers translate into the right spatial integration. As a consortium in which design, management advice and engineering come together, we are prepared for all future scenarios for the Netherlands. Together we are ready to work on sustainable and healthy environments for now and later.'