Our CO2 reduction in 2021

At PosadMaxwan, we are working daily to reduce our CO2 emissions, both in our agency and in our work on sustainable cities and landscapes. As, we communicated earlier this year, with these efforts we now comply with the CO2 performance ladder (level 4). Our target is for us as an agency to emit 35% less CO2 by 2024 compared to 2019.


To reduce CO2 as an organisation, we looked at different areas; electricity consumption, travel and finally procurement, or our suppliers. In 2019, electricity consumption was 10.3 tonnes. We have grown a lot in recent years and in 2020, our electricity consumption rose to 13.4. This year, 2021, we have been actively reducing our emissions. In the first half of 2021, our emissions were 6.3 tonnes and 6.5 tonnes in the second half of the year, reducing our electricity consumption to 12.8 tonnes in total. In terms of travel, there has been a consistent decrease in CO2 emissions. In 2019, this was 15.1 tonnes, in 2020 7.9 tonnes and this year, 2021, we even reduced it to 3.3 tonnes per year. The first half of the year it was only 0.7 tonnes and the second half 2.6 tonnes. Finally, this year we looked at our suppliers and our CO2 emissions in terms of our procurement. In 2020, this was still 470 tonnes, but we can now proudly announce that this year it has been reduced to 246 tonnes. For 2022, we plan to continue on this course to reduce our CO2 emissions even more. 


Curious about our energy management action plan? 

For more information about the CO2 certificate and what we do as an office to reduce our CO2 emissions, contact our communications officer Chantal Defesche