Guangzhou Design Week

The Guangzhou Design week officially started today! We participate in the Dutch Strategies program, initiated by the @Consulate Generaal der Nederlanden in Guangzhou. This program aims to highlight Dutch architecture and design as well as the methodology behind, through a video gallery, a screening event, and a series of seminars. It also provides an open platform for dialogue between Dutch and Chinese designers. Other participants in the program include OMA, MVRDV, Mecanoo, Superimpose Architecture and Powerhouse Company.

One of the most important tasks of today is to work on healthy cities for a more sustainable future. We can only achieve this by working together. With all the emerging opportunities and challenges, Dutch designers and their Chinese counterparts can join forces to develop innovative strategies, taking into account both Western and Eastern history, culture and social environment. Check out our submission and find out how we are working on cities that support our physical and mental health without depleting the earth in the process.