1600 homes in sustainable Lincoln Park

On behalf of the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, we have drawn up an urban development plan and an image quality plan for the sustainable Lincolnpark district in Hoofddorp. Here, residents share a courtyard garden, they park vehicles in centrally located parking buildings and live among lots of greenery. By using sustainable materials and smart water and energy solutions, the district is ready for the future. The plan is submitted to the city council. We will continue to be intensively involved in the development of Lincoln Park in the future. We are currently drawing up parcel passports in which the preconditions for the further development of the district are laid down.

Share together

In Lincoln Park, residents together create their own place to live and work. They share facilities, such as outdoor space. The district will have an excellent network of cycle paths and there will be plenty of space for walking. In addition to owned cars, the parking buildings also contain shared cars and bicycles. As a result, a private car or second car is often not necessary. There is room for shared facilities such as workplaces and parcel points. Due to the park-like design of the district, there are many meeting places, where there is room for activities or a chat.

Mix of price ranges and features

Lincoln Park has space for approximately 1,600 homes with a mix of different home sizes and price ranges, for sale and rent. Small businesses, workplaces and facilities and 50 to 100 social care homes will also be built in the district. In addition, the district will have two supermarkets, two schools and a sports hall.

Phased development

The land for the new district will not be put on the market in one or two times. Alderman Jurgen Nobel: “In the coming years we will always be giving out a limited number of plots of land because we want to learn from the experiences. Developers are challenged to build sustainably and circularly in order to fulfill the project objectives. We will actively share the knowledge we gain.” Groups of private individuals are given the opportunity to build homes together in Lincoln Park through Collective Private Commissioning.

Unique combination

Thanks to its location and connection to Haarlem, Leiden and Amsterdam, Lincoln Park is an ideal place to live and work. Alderman Jurgen Nobel: “Lincoln Park is a unique combination, because residents get to live in a park, the sustainable character and the space for meeting. We will select the developers for the first lots from 2022. This means that the first homes will be delivered from 2024.”

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