PosadMaxwan goes green! Certificate for CO2 reduction

At PosadMaxwan, we work daily to create sustainable cities and landscapes, in which there will be fewer carbon emissions. We do this with thoughtful choices in our designs and strategies. But we also address our own emissions as an agency. With these efforts, we now comply with the CO2 performance ladder (level 4). Our goal is that we as an agency will emit 25% less CO2 by 2024 compared to 2019.

Green measures for the office

In 2019, as an agency, we had a carbon footprint of 25 tons. In 2020, this ramined the same, so again we had a carbon footprint of 25 tons. In 2020, we reduced our carbon footprint to 21 tons. This consisted entirely of indirect emissions (generated at suppliers) and work-related transport. In order to keep reducing our CO2 footprint, we'll keep committing ourselves as a team to a series of sustainable measures. For example, we are going to travel by public transport even more often, or use electric vehicles from shared mobility facilities. We also encourage online meetings where possible. For our purchases, we first look at options for reuse or recycling, and choose locally produced items as much as possible. By 2024, our CO2 footprint should be 16 tons.

Less CO2 in projects

In order to leverage our impact as an urban planning agency within our projects, we have conducted a chain analysis. This maps out the emissions within a project from raw material to end of life. As a case study, we took an ongoing design project for the layout of a public space. Both the use of sustainable materials and shadow costs (costs to prevent environmental impact) were examined. With this analysis, we are even better able to devise sustainable strategies and design places in which less CO2 will be emitted. Moreover, by 2024, 20% of our design projects will include a calculation of shadow costs and subsequent advice.


To monitor our progress in reducing CO2 emissions, we will calculate our current emissions every six months and adjust our measures accordingly. We have also become a member of the Netherlands CO2 Neutral Foundation and participate in activities in this area.

For more information, please visit our company page on the CO2 performance ladder website

For more information about the CO2 certificate and what we do as an office to reduce our CO2 emissions, contact our communications officer Chantal Defesche