How to give municipalities a grip on the growth of their city?

How do you give municipalities a grip on the growth and liveability of their city? Together with Studio Duko Stolwijk we made an animation in which we explain this using our project 'Development perspective Eindhoven Center 2040'. With the help of a development perspective and specially developed tools, the municipality can ensure that the transition from provincial city to global city is based on quality.

Development perspective Eindhoven Center 2040

Eindhoven is struggling with a lack of space to provide for the growth of the city and is therefore opting for the development of a compact city. This means that the center must be densified with approximately 21,000 homes, without this being at the expense of accessibility and quality of life. The ambition of the municipality is to even improve the quality of the center with this densification. This raises the question of what spatial interventions will be needed in the coming years to achieve this goal. That is why PosadMaxwan, together with APPM, Goudappel and Tauw, were asked to create a development perspective for Eindhoven Center 2040. You can watch how we worked on this in the animation below.

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Watch the animation below