Launch of our Walkability Tool!

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) team has developed a Walkability Tool, with which the walkability of neighborhoods and cities in the Netherlands can be measured and compared. And that's not all, because the tool also provides insight into where and how the walkability can be improved.

The methodology has been developed to evaluate how walkable neighborhoods are in the Netherlands. We do this by scoring the morphology, quality of life and safety for each neighborhood on the basis of twelve carefully selected quantitative and qualitative indicators. The scores of these indicators together determine the walkability score of a neighbourhood. With this analysis, we hope to help public and private urban developers to create healthier, safer and liveable cities for current and future generations.

The Walkability Tool video

In the video below we explain what the tool can do for you, how it works and why we have developed the tool.

After watching the video, don't forget to try the Walkability Tool yourself! How walkable is your neighborhood?

Test the Walkability Tool