#MOTM: Emotions make the city

Last year, we created a series of soft maps in a special collaboration with A.ZINE, that make tangible how we experience a city. It proved to be a real challenge and a learning experience how to capture soft values in hard data. For this last map - simultaneously our #mapofthemonth - we, together with Emotion Studio, investigated emotions as a measure of city experience.

These emotions are linked to thirteen fundamental needs of every human being, such as connection, autonomy, beauty and safety. The map shows how the physical form of a city fulfils these fundamental needs or, on the contrary, gets in the way. The result is a 'Funda'-like system in which you can click on the needs that are important to you at district level in Rotterdam and which district meets those needs. And although nothing is as personal as needs and emotions, author Marieke de Vries can nevertheless draw a few general conclusions.

Want to know more? Read the article on A.ZINE and see on the interactive map which neighbourhood meets your needs best!

To the article on A.ZINE