#MOTM: Rotterdam as inclusive, Eurovision Song contest city

Douze points for Rotterdam! As host city of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Rotterdam presents itself this week to the global audience in a way that is just as spectacular as the candidates' performances. The city does this within the theme of connection, diversity, togetherness and inclusion. On this #mapofthemonth we therefore show what an inclusive Rotterdam could look like, as we explored in our project Rotterdam 2040.

Together with the city of Rotterdam in 2017-2018, we determined several directions for the future, as a prelude to determining the Omgevingsvisie (a new Dutch enviromental law). The inclusive city is one of five perspectives, alongside the compact, circular, productive and healthy city. Together they provide an answer to the question what kind of city Rotterdam wants to be in 2040 and how it wants to deal with issues such as climate change, mobility transition and differences between groups of residents. This is already taking shape as the city is working hard to connect the five future perspectives and is outlining the next steps. With the spotlights being on the city because of the Songfestival, it can only get more glitter and success!

To the project Rotterdam 2040