Thinking about the future of Leiden's station area

The participation process entered a new phase in which residents can contribute ideas about the future of the station area in Leiden. On Saturday September 5, residents walked through the station area during the Contribution Route and provided us with valuable input. There are also several digital workshops this month, in which residents can contribute ideas about specific locations within the station area.

Leiden station area

Leiden Central Station is the heart of the urban and regional public transport network. More than 100,000 people travel in and out of the city every day via the station. This makes the station area one of the most important areas of the city. Due to the growth of the Leiden region, this dynamic place is under pressure and the number of inhabitants will continue to increase in the coming years. Therefore, it is necessary to provide major public transport hubs at the best accessible places near living and working areas in order to make optimal use of the space and to stimulate sustainable mobility. At the moment, those opportunities in the field of sustainable urbanization have not yet been sufficiently implemented.

The area agenda and the area vision


With the help of the residents, the station area will become a vibrant place where traveling, living, and working come together. An intensive process of participation guarantees the involvement of Leiden’s inhabitants. At the beginning of this year, the area agenda was drawn up by the municipality of Leiden, PosadMaxwan and Kickstad. The agenda discusses eight topics that determine the direction for the future of the station area: Identity, Public Transport Hub, City, Sustainability, Public Space, Connections, Innovations and Temporary Situation. The participation process for the area vision is divided into five phases. The development of the area agenda was part of phase 1. During the second phase residents and interested parties were informed about the topics of the area agenda. We are currently in phase 3: the Contribution phase, in which we dive deeper into the agenda items, specifically for the sub-areas Morspoort, Morssingel and Connexxion location. During phase 4, the design proposals will be reflected on in order to establish a concept area vision. The aim is to have the area vision adopted by the municipal council at the end of the first quarter of 2021 as part of phase 5.


Here you can find more information about the future of the station area.  


Images: Buro JP