Vision Maanweg

In the coming years, the Binckhorst will change from a predominantly industrial area to a metropolitan area where it is attractive to live, work and relax. One of the large-scale developments is taking place at the Maanweg. Owners, developers and the municipality of The Hague are working together to develop this area in the Binckhorst into a special living and working area with an attractive public space, (social) facilities and houses built next by the water of the Binckhaven. These ambitions have been translated into a spatial vision developed by us as the basis for an area passport that has yet to be drawn up.

The Maanweg planning area is located on the southern edge of the Binckhorst where The Hague borders Voorburg. With 900 to 1100 homes, the area contributes to the region's housing challenge. The Maanweg currently has a low-quality appearance. It is mostly paved with asphalt, it is dominated by car traffic and pedestrians have very limited space. Furthermore, there are no bicycle paths which makes it for uncomfortable for cyclists and, more importantly, creates dangerous traffic situations. There are also numerous parking spaces which are often occupied by cars and trailers that park there for a long time.


In our vision, the planning area by the Maanweg will become an attractive residential quay, car-free and with homes by the water. We contribute to better accessibility by realizing facilities that link up with the routes for slow traffic in and around the area. The public area will become more accessible for public transport. Due to the opening of the Rotterdamsebaan, the traffic in this area will decrease in the short term. This offers opportunities for more space for pedestrians and cyclists and enhancement of the green qualities.


At the same time, the new housing numbers provide support for new facilities that supplement the limited supply. Accessible spaces will be created between the building blocks in line with the character of the quay environment with space for sports and exercise. A children's center with a primary school and crèche will be included in one of the building blocks. A catering facility, supermarket and small-scale sports and care facilities will also be given a place throughout the plan.


Before the municipality and collaborating parties further develop this vision for the Maanweg, they would like to hear your opinions, ideas, concerns or other thoughts. That is why you can participate online in the participation process until October 1 2020. Go to and think about the future of the Maanweg!