Renewal in Rogerius, Romania

For the city of Oradea in Romania, PosadMaxwan is working on the regeneration of the post-war neighbourhood of Rogerius. The neighbourhood is the densest in the city, with more than 40.000 inhabitants. The online public consultation with citizens of the area has just concluded, with more than 450 respondents. Their answers to our questions underline the need to make the neighbourhood a green, healthy, well-connected and attractive living environment for all ages.
The consultation helped us find out which places in the neighbourhood people value the most, what bothers them the most, and what they would like to see changed. For example, the local Olosig park was mentioned as a nice place to relax and meet, and the busy traffic and countless parked cars were mentioned as an unsafe factor.
Through the valuable input of the residents of Rogerius, we have collected very specific, local information that will form the core of our neighbourhood renewal proposal.