Delft University of Technology campus: space for growth

The spatial development framework we created for the Delft University of Technology campus been approved by the university’s executive board. It provides direction for the university’s future growth. We worked with the university to develop four storylines that together make up a new “campus story”.

The first storyline depicts a green, natural campus. It focuses on areas such as climate adaptation, water and landscaping structures, strengthening of the campus’s ecological value, and achievement of a circular, CO2-neutral campus.

The second storyline portrays a healthy, lively campus. It provides space for pedestrians and cyclists and fosters interaction between people. Features include clustered communal facilities, provisions for sport and culture, and peaceful resting spots.

The “more people, fewer buildings” storyline envisions growing numbers of students who require relatively less room thanks to more compact and versatile buildings. Consideration is also given to property and space, temporary programming, and vacancy.

Finally, the “identity and cross-pollination” storyline focuses on the campus’s spatial identity, with recognisable clusters of buildings that promote interaction and cross-pollination.

The four storylines are represented in the vision map below.

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