Walkable cities with data

Everyone is a pedestrian. Every journey starts and ends on foot, and the advantages of walking in general – for both people and the city – are numerous. So everyone benefits from improving conditions for pedestrians. That is why our R&D team has developed the walkability tool and applies it to projects such as the development plan for central Eindhoven.

Our #mapofthemonth video gives an impression of the value of the tool and how it works. Indicators like block size, obstacles and car domination show the walkability score of a neighborhood. Building up the score with indicators has the advantage that it is immediately clear to a designer or policymaker what already works well for pedestrians and what needs improvement. For example, the tool can indicate that a neighborhood has too few crossing places, or that the environment offers too few incentives for people to leave the car and walk.

Interested in making your neighborhood more walkable? Get in touch with Tomer Shachaf from our R&D team: