Fast, attractive cycle routes through the Rotterdam/The Hague region

The Rotterdam/The Hague metropolitan region aims to strengthen its main cycle network. The goal is to make it possible for 10% more residents to reach key economic locations within a 45-minute bicycle ride. This would make cycling an attractive commuting option for more people in the region. To begin with, the municipalities in the region are improving five cycle routes, and we are developing one of these.

The relevant road authorities are currently determining the precise location of the route, which will run between The Hague and Pijnacker. A draft design will follow later this year. To encourage cycling, the design will incorporate as few detours and impeding intersections as possible. Making the cycle route comfortable and attractive is also important. If more people start riding bikes, accessibility in the area will improve and CO2 emissions will go down. As a bonus, people will get more exercise and therefore be healthier.