Multi-year cooperation for integrated urbanisation Eindhoven

The municipality of Eindhoven is facing a major jump in scale. More than 40,000 homes are expected to be added within the city's municipal boundaries by 2040. It is important that this growth is structured, sustainable and integral. To manage this, the municipality is entering into an intensive collaboration for the next five years with PosadMaxwan, APPM, TAUW and Goudappel, assisted by MUG Ingenieursbureau and Generation.Energy. The first project, the preparation of a Development Perspective for the city with an accompanying digital twin, has already started.

Dynamic growth with data

To remain liveable, safe and healthy as a city, the enormous densification task of the municipality of Eindhoven runs parallel to related interventions, such as mobility, energy, heat and climate. Integrality is the key here.

The Development Perspective for the city therefore provides insight into the interrelationship of the various themes and translates them into spatial interventions. This perspective consists first of all of a vision that represents the wishes for the city. A digital twin dashboard makes it possible to test whether that vision of the future is feasible and to adjust the design and choices accordingly. The Development Perspective for Eindhoven is the first sub-task from the five-year framework contract the municipality of Eindhoven entered into with PosadMaxwan, APPM, TAUW and Goudappel. Thanks to the digital twin, the Development Perspective is a dynamic plan. All the hard and soft data in this virtual version of the city enable optimal solutions to be sought, monitored and adjusted based on the latest information.

Instruments for integral development

The Development Perspective Eindhoven ensures that the city can grow in a structured and sustainable way, where crucial themes such as green, water and mobility are given a place in relation to each other. To this end, the plan sets the frameworks and guidelines for all themes that play a role in the densification task. With a 'toolbox' of measurable indicators, data sets, (digital) rules, etc., any desired party can work on sub-tasks in the city without jeopardising the integrality of the whole.

Han Dijk, partner and urban designer at PosadMaxwan: "Eindhoven is developing rapidly and innovation is in the city's DNA. That calls for a dynamic design for the city in the future that can unfold in the best possible way. As a consortium, we are very happy that we can work together with the municipality in this innovative way in the coming years towards a healthy, accessible and liveable Eindhoven of 2040."


Consortium with experience

The Development Perspective for the city builds on the Centre Development Perspective adopted for Eindhoven in 2020. This plan guides the densification of the area within the Ring Road with 21,000 homes and a range of interventions in infrastructure, greenery and water. The Development Perspective Centre was drawn up by the same parties who will now work with the municipality on the large-scale densification. Within the consortium, PosadMaxwan acts as urban planning & data specialist, APPM takes care of the process, Goudappel provides mobility advice and data, TAUW looks at water and green structures, MUG Ingenieursbureau supports the digital tools and Generation.Energy is involved as spatial energy specialist. 


Images: © Municipality of Eindhoven