#enduringcity - Enduring City Guide

We hereby proudly present our enduring city guide! In the past few weeks, we have published five blogs focused on one of PosadMaxwan's main themes: the #enduringcity. All blogs are now bundled in a guide full of ideas and inspiration about how we as designers can contribute to the enduring city and can bring about actual change.

For an optimal reader experience, we recommend downloading the guide and opening the document in the Adobe Reader app. 

The enduring city

Sustainability is about achieving a healthy balance between people, the environment and a prosperous community, without depleting the earth. This balance poses major challenges to the political, social and spatial debate. How can we meet our current needs while ensuring that we do not limit future generations' needs and desires? This is what the pursuit of the enduring city is all about. 

Based on five chapters about the various aspects of the enduring city, the guide takes a closer look at the question: how can we as urban designers contribute to the resilient city and actually bring about change? Many insights into sustainability, urbanity and transitions from our projects over the past few years have found a place in the guide. We touch on all sorts of topics, from floating cities to building below the ground and from heat corridors to circularity in post-war districts. Happy reading!