Enduring city event

How can we as urban planners (and clients and researchers) contribute to the sustainable city and bring about real change? We discussed this during the event 'THE ENDURING CITY, BRINGING ABOUT REAL CHANGE'. We look back on an inspiring afternoon with valuable contributions from all participants!

In three partial sessions, we further discussed and deepened the content of the blogs we published over the past few weeks.

Session on climate adaptivity

In the session on climate adaptivity, a (Mini) Manifesto Climate Adaptive Netherlands 2100 was drawn up on the basis of best practices of climate adaptive design contributed by the participants, as well as strategies to actually realize these designs.

Session on inclusivity

In the inclusivity session, participants used the Healthy City Game to let participants experience the transition to the resilient city for themselves. During the game, shared understanding emerged about what urban health is, how it can be approached holistically, and who benefits from it.

Session on circularity

The session on circularity discussed how to facilitate the circularity transition. The topics covered - data as facilitator, mobility hubs as an important link between incoming and outgoing material flows, new aesthetics and incentives for more circular projects - were summarized in a storymap.

The blogs, bundled in an Enduring City Guide with foreword by Laura Thomas and reflection by Rients Dijkstra, can be read via the button below.

Enduring City Guide