Walkability of Rotterdam's Schools

Can your child walk to school alone? While always a question on many parents’ minds, it has been pushed to the forefront due to the corona-crisis. With schools re-opening, parents are being urged to send their children to school alone. But how safe is this?

For our #mapofthemonth we researched the walkability of primary schools in Rotterdam in conjunction with A.ZINE. We looked at what schools were within a 10-minute walking distance, and analysed how safe these walks were—how is the quality of the pavements, how many pedestrian crossings are there, how many accidents occur?

Curious to see how Rotterdam’s schools fared? Check out the interactive map below. This map is the first in a series of six in which we, together with A.ZINE and architect Marieke de Vries, examine how liveable cities are for the most vulnerable in our society: children and the elderly.

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P.S. Would you like to know more? Read A.ZINE's in-depth article (in Dutch) on our #mapofthemonth.