#movingcity - Mobility Guide

We hereby proudly present our mobility guide! In the past weeks we published five blogs focused on one of PosadMaxwan's main themes: the #movingcity. All blogs are now bundled in a guide full of ideas and inspiration about mobility from a spatial perspective.

For an optimal reader experience, we recommend downloading the guide and opening the document in the Adobe Reader app. 

The moving city: a city in motion where you get to where you need to be, and where movement also contributes to liveliness and activity. More and more often we see this movement come to a halt in cities where the system no longer fits because of the multitude of people and the lack of space. In other places, we see that space is not a problem, but that the way the mobility system is used is getting in the way of other developments. This compromises tasks such as climate adaptation, circularity, quality of life and health, tasks that we would rather be working on today than tomorrow.

Based on five chapters about various mobility aspects, the guide takes a closer look at the question of how we can create space for the various urban tasks without this being at the expense of accessibility. Many insights into mobility, urbanism and transitions from PosadMaxwan's projects have been given a place in this guide. Everything is covered: from parking standards to flash deliveries and from traffic pyramids to self-driving transport. In addition, our colleagues from the engineering firm Arcadis wrote a reflection that provides even more insights and tools to work together on the liveable and accessible city.

Enjoy reading!