Posad and Maxwan to go forward as PosadMaxwan

An exciting new step! From 1 September 2018, Posad and the urban design agency Maxwan will move forward together as PosadMaxwan.

At PosadMaxwan, we think about how to build healthy, sustainable, smart cities. More and more people are moving to urban areas, even as cities face major challenges around climate, mobility, health and inclusivity. It’s a complex puzzle that calls for new spatial solutions. Together, we possess all the tools needed to provide them.

PosadMaxwan combines research, strategy, design and implementation. We identify important, urgent tasks and ask relevant questions.
How can metropolitan Amsterdam stay accessible and remain a pleasant place to live and work? What can Zuid-Holland province do to help its residents lead healthy lives? How can Antwerp densify its 20th-century districts while enhancing their quality?

We work with clients who are open to exploring new pathways and curious about innovative, unconventional ideas. We dive deep into problems, deploy data to find human solutions, and connect levels of scale. Together, we’re even better than before at showing how the city of the future will look and which steps we can take to build it, starting today.

PosadMaxwan’s international team is made up of 30 urban designers, researchers and landscape architects, led by partners Han Dijk, Rients Dijkstra and Emile Revier.


Generation.Energy & MADMA urbanism+landscape

Former Posad managing partner Boris Hocks will remain actively involved with PosadMaxwan as an advisor. He will focus primarily on Generation.Energy, a spin-off of Posad specialising in the spatial effects of the energy transition.

Former Maxwan partner Hiroki Matsuura is setting up a new agency focusing on urban and landscape design under the name MADMA urbanism+landscape.