Community hubs for an accessible and liveable Strandeiland

PosadMaxwan, together with Arcadis and Deloitte, has developed a new type of mobility hub for Strandeiland, a yet to be realized part of IJburg: the community hubs. These are small-scale hubs spread across the island that encourage encounters between residents and a pleasant living environment. The hubs also meet the high sustainability standards of the municipality of Amsterdam for the island, of which the development will start in 2022.

Mobility of the future

In the "community hubs" a wide range of mobility options will be available for future residents, such as shared cars, e-scooters and (freight)bicycles. It is also the place where cars can be parked, with or without a peer-to-peer sharing concept. The future has been taken into account: the hubs have a flexible set-up and are easy to adapt to different (new) forms of mobility. Because the hubs are at a maximum of 200 meters from the houses, car use for short journeys is discouraged and the inhabitants are expected to walk and cycle more. Moreover, a smart positioning of the hubs ensures that a large part of the streets can become car-free.

Meeting place

The hubs form new meeting places in the living environment, whereby the ground floor is used for facilities such as a parcel pick-up wall or a maintenance point for bicycles. The hubs can also play a role as a link in the energy system. Where possible, part of the ground floor can also be filled in with a social program, with which the community hub can become the living room of the neighborhood even more.

The community hub is the preferred variant based on a broader study into the organization of accessibility and quality of life on Strandeiland. Expert sessions on mobility, urban design and financing were used to investigate which hub variants contribute to these important conditions and how. The municipality of Amsterdam is now exploring the options for further implementing this concept. Our consortium's advice is to conduct a further market consultation.