Our CO2 reduction in the first half year of 2022

On January 19 2022, we received a CO2 certificate as part of the CO2 performance ladder for our efforts to reduce our emissions. Since then, we’ve been actively incorporating measures to reduce our CO2 emissions. Our reference year therefore is also 2022, which means that we reference all our future CO2 reduction efforts to this year.


Our footprint in the first half year of 2022 was 14,8ton CO₂. This amount will be used a point of reference for the following years to come.


Measures & progress

We’ve been implementing several measures within our office to reduce our emissions. These apply both to everyday tasks and daily office activity but also to way we conduct our projects and the advices we give to our clients.


  • We encourage our employees to take the train for work commutes: 94% of our employees’ commutes have been done by train in the first half year of 2022.
  • Our preferred mode of travel has always been train over airplane, but as of this year we’ve put it as an official measure; we now require travel by train for distances less than 500 km, provided that travel by train from door to door takes less than 150% of the time if travelling by plane.
  • There is always a rental bike available for all our employees to use at the office. In addition, with their business cards all our employees can rent an OV-bike that can be used to cover short distances.
  • We are also busy mapping our electricity, as this is our biggest emission, to make sure we have a more accurate estimation.


By implementing these measures, we hope to reduce our emissions even further. On our website, you can stay up to date with our reduction efforts per half a year.