#MOTM: wind turbines in the North Sea

The Dutch government recently announced major plans for offshore wind farms. Obviously, wind is needed to generate wind energy – the strong offshore wind therefore makes it the ideal location for wind farms. Together with Denmark, Germany and Belgium, the goal has been set to increase the capacity of wind turbines in the North Sea tenfold by 2030.

By producing more green energy, Europe is becoming less dependent on fossil fuels. In addition, the collaboration between the four countries to increase the capacity of wind turbines in the North Sea brings the goals of the climate agreement a step closer. Just like on land, a lack of space at sea plays a major role, which means that generating energy at sea poses many challenges. Moreover, when constructing wind farms, a great deal of consideration must be given to the current use of the North Sea and biodiversity.

Since it is difficult to imagine how the space at sea is used, for this #Map of the Month we made a map using online data that shows the used space in and at sea at a glance. Would you like to know more about the further development of the North Sea? Check out this interactive map with different layers, ranging from wind farms to energy cables.