#MOTM: station area Oradea as green node

The Romanian city of Oradea is gearing up for more visitors arriving by train in the coming years. The city, close to the Hungarian border, is considered one of Europe's leading Art Nouveau cities and attracts more and more cultural tourists. Hence, the number of (international) trains to Oradea is increasing. The municipality therefore wants to redesign the station area as a green city entrance and as an attractive, multimodal node.

On behalf of the municipality, we worked out a number of variants that will prepare the station area for the near future. The preferred variant is our new #mapofthemonth, in which the station square and the multimodal node are integrated at ground level and through car traffic travels via a long tunnel. From the station to the inner city and the surrounding residential areas and parks, there will be a recreational and safe route for slow traffic.

The creation of more greenery will ensure climate adaptation and biodiversity. Not only that, it will also create a nice public place to be, resulting in more inclusion and social safety. In this way, the city can accommodate larger flows of travellers and at the same time offer a more pleasant home to its inhabitants (both human and animal). 




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