We proudly present Team N.O.W.!

PosadMaxwan, planB., Crimson, and Buiting Advies have joined forces as Team Na Oorlogse Wijken to find solutions and create the neighborhoods of the future together. We love to take action and invite you to join us in this endeavor.

The large-scale sustainability challenges in the post-war and post-65 neighborhoods in the Netherlands provide an opportunity to address multiple issues simultaneously. This requires an integrated approach, supported by various disciplines and backed by an innovative coalition of diverse stakeholders. The renovations associated with the energy transition offer space for new housing (and care) concepts, socioeconomic opportunities for current residents, the use of circular materials, new neighborhood amenities, employment, biodiversity improvement, innovative mobility, and densification through transformation and new construction. This way, we can make a significant contribution to the housing challenge.

Join us for a 3-day event!

Team N.O.W. works with an innovative and dynamic approach that combines short and long term goals. People, history, nature, real estate and public space are positively influenced, with an essential sequence of approach. In addition, the business cases of the different areas will be mutually reinforcing. Together we will work towards an integrated vision.

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